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Modern, handmade ceramics, with just a touch of nostalgia.

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Mod Pots at Medalta

When I look back on 2013, one of the highlights was having my work exhibited at the Alberta Craft Council as part of their Potworks exhibit. It was such an honour to have my work shown alongside so many talented artists.

And now it’s only February of 2014, and another highlight is already in motion because Potworks has hit the road and is currently showing at Medalta in Medicine Hat! Yes, that’s right – Medalta! The show will be there until March 22 in the Yuill Gallery, when it will move once more to Red Deer College as part of their SummerScapes. Oh joy!

For information on the Medalta show visit their website:

























Mod Pots at Alberta Craft Council

I am thrilled to announce that Mod Pots is now available for sale through the Alberta Craft Council Gallery Shop. Stop in for a peek the next time you’re in the area – their Gallery Shop is always stocked full of wonderful!


Mod Pots in the Press!


My bowls were spotted in the December, 2012 issue of Edmonton Women Magazine! The article is about Chef Zara, and you can see a couple of the custom (green) bowls I made for Culina in the foreground. Exciting!


Royal Bison Craft and Art Fair

It’s just over a week away and I’ve got the kiln firing around the clock! I’ve been making so many new designs so it’s super exciting every time I crack open the lid of the kiln (once it’s cooled of course) and see all the finished pots for the first time!

Check out the Royal Bison’s website to see all the fabulously talented artists that will be at the show. xoxo Royal Bison – I love you!

Link to the Royal Bison website

Christmas sales!

It’s that time of year again – when us crafty people hunker down and get ready for Christmas Sales! I’ve got a couple coming up – one in St. Albert on November 17 and 18, and the Royal Bison sale on December 1 and 2 (check out the Shows and Sales page for more info). I’ve been working on some new designs which I will unveil over the next couple of weeks – or as they come out of the kiln.

First up are these beauties. I call this series Flora and they are available as vases and shallow bowls. These pieces have been drawn on, carved, painted and stained, resulting in rich, textural pieces.

Custom dinnerware for Culina Millcreek










I’ve been working away on a custom design for dinnerware for my favourite restaurant – Culina Millcreek and today was delivery day! All 48 bowls are now at their new home, awaiting their chance to be paired with delectable treats from the Culina kitchen. You’ll see the dinnerware (along with yummy new menu items) later this month.


The birth of

Whoever says setting up your own website is easy must be some kind of computer genius, because I’ve been finding it rather… shall we say, tricky. It’s okay though, because what I lack in computer genius I make up for in creativity, stubbornness, luck and smart friends. So please be patient with me – this website will come together. It just might take a little more time than I was anticipating, and I may have a few grey hairs by the end of it!


Each piece is custom made to order and will be shipped 4 to 6 weeks after the order is received.

Handmade with love

All of my ceramics are handmade, so each piece has its own unique qualities... even if it's part of a set.


I create my ceramics using either white stoneware or porcelain. All of my glazes and underglazes are food safe.


Please contact me if you are interested in receiving our wholesale price list.
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