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Modern, handmade ceramics, with just a touch of nostalgia.


Sunny Series

Add a little colour to your next party with the Sunny pitcher and platter! Sangria anyone?

Pitcher size: 11″ tall | Platter size: 11″ diameter


Striped Planters

These planters are a beautiful addition to any outdoor patio, or indoor space.
They are equally lovely when planted with outdoor flowers, houseplants or herbs.

Size: approximately 8″ tall. Each one is unique.


Cream and Sugar

Add a pop of colour to your afternoon tea with this delightful serving set.

Available in: turquoise, fiesta orange, canary yellow


Cloud Vases

Arrange these little vases alone or in a group for a lovely, understated presentation.

Size: approximately 7″ tall, each one is uniquely sized and shaped

Available in: white


Noodle Bowls

The large bowl is perfectly sized for a delicious bowl of noodles, and the small bowls are great for
sauces and accompaniments. And you’ll feel confident that your chopsticks won’t end up on the floor!

Available in: Canary yellow with fiesta orange splatter, fiesta orange with light blue splatter,
light blue with grassy green splatter



Anyone who knows me, knows that I love olives! And they’re even better in this little serving bowl.
There’s a little pot to hold your serving toothpicks, or, you can use the little pot for olive pits.

size: approximately 7″ diameter

available in: lime green,  fiesta orange, canary yellow or turquoise



Give your fresh fruits and veggies a quick rinse in this lovely colander.

size: approximately 8″ diameter

available in: fiesta orange or turquoise


Polka-Dot Bowls

What’s more fun than polka-dots? Polka-dots on bowls of course! This medium-sized bowl is great for
daily use as a cereal, soup or salad bowl.

size: 7″ diameter


Dandy Cups

Drinks anyone? These cups come in tall and short varieties, and are contoured to fit perfectly in your hand.
Each one is unique.

short: approximately 3″


 Groove Bowls

Time to get your Groove on! These large bowls are as perfect for everyday use as they are for special occasions.
They are bright and graphic, and will add a groovy pop of colour to any table.

size: 9″ diameter | available in: fiesta orange + light blue, canary yellow + light blue, grassy green + light blue


Fauna Mugs LOW Res2

Prairie Fauna Mugs

This series is inspired by the animals of Alberta. Share your morning cup of joe with a moose!

size: 5″ tall | available in: moose, coyote, hare or bison



Granny Cups and Vases

These pieces get their texture from a crochet doily that my Grandmother made years ago.
Their lightness of form echo the delicacy of the original crochet piece, and they are a testament to
the love I have for my Grandma.

size: cup – 4″ tall, scotch cup – 3″ tall, vase – 7.5″ tall | available in: white




These adorable shot glasses are hand-built using thin slabs of clay, and are gently contoured
to fit comfortably in your hand. And they’re available in four colours, so you’ll never lose track of your glass!

size: 2.5″ tall | available in: lime green, canary yellow, robin’s egg blue and fiesta orange



 Soho Bowls

Add a pop of colour to your table with these graphic bowls! They function beautifully
for individually plated dishes or as serving bowls for your next family-style dinner.

size: 9″ diameter | available in: charcoal and canary yellow or charcoal and robin’s egg blue



Flora Vases and Bowls

These pieces are thrown on the wheel using white stoneware. Next, they are drawn and painted by hand,
then scratched and distressed – giving each piece unique qualities.

size: vase – 8.5″ tall | bowl – 8″ diameter | plate – 10″ diameter
designs: Poppy, Tulip, Iris, Lily


starburst salad small2

Starburst! Bowls

These bowls are thrown using white stoneware. The bright colours and starburst pattern
give these pieces a delightfully nostalgic feel.

size: 7.75″ diameter
available in: fiesta orange with light blue accent OR light blue with lime green accent


Tonic Tumblers

These tumblers are perfect for a cool cocktail. Formed using thin slabs of white stoneware,
they are gently contoured to fit your hand. Each tumbler is unique, both in contour and
decorative elements, making it easy to spot your cocktail in a crowd.

size: 5″ tall


 Glow Vases

These vases glow from within. Formed using thin slabs of white stoneware,
each piece is unique and has a distinctly organic feel.

size: tall (robin’s egg blue) – 8″ tall | medium (fiesta orange) – 6″ tall | short (lime green) – 4.5″ tall





Each piece is custom made to order and will be shipped 4 to 6 weeks after the order is received.

Handmade with love

All of my ceramics are handmade, so each piece has its own unique qualities... even if it's part of a set.


I create my ceramics using either white stoneware or porcelain. All of my glazes and underglazes are food safe.


Please contact me if you are interested in receiving our wholesale price list.
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